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Jun 8-10 2022


The first ANDRONET hybrid (Onsite/Online) meeting, June 8-10 2022, Barcelona

June 8-10, 2022

Barcelona (Spain)

It is expected to welcome 150 participants with different backgrounds in the Andrology field from the COST-associated countries. Sixty participants will be eligible for reimbursement of expenses by the ANDRONET COST Action to participate onsite.

The first ANDRONET hybrid meeting was held at the Centre Esther Koplowitz (IDIBAPS/Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica) in Barcelona (Carrer del Rosselló, 153, 08036 Barcelona, Spain).

During three days, ANDRONET members had the opportunity to meet each other, develop networking activities in a relaxed atmosphere, stimulate collaborations, and contribute to the progression of the Cost Action objectives.

The program of the meeting included:

  • Summary of the overall ANDRONET activities and progress so far.

  • Update on the administrative rules and procedures

  • Open discussions and round tables with the participation of the different Working Group members to discuss and decide the future ANDRONET activities and actions.

  • Presentations by members of the different ANDRONET Working Groups to progress on research collaboration, professional education and male health awareness.

  • Announcement of training activities and short-term scientific missions.

The registration is free for onsite and online participants. ANDRONET COST Action will cover the expenses for the onsite participation of 60 members, but attendants are welcome to participate either onsite or online. If you have not expressed your interest to participate in the 1st ANDRONET Meeting yet but you are willing to join it, please fill out the form below indicating your preference for participation and, if needed, any further relevant information in the comments section. 


There is time to join us in person since some slots for onsite participation are still available! In case you already filled the form specifying online attendance and would like to change your participation format from online to onsite, you can fill the form again specifying it in the comments section. 

Notes about onsite participants eligible for reimbursement: 

  • Onsite participants eligible for reimbursement will receive an official invitation through their personal e-COST account.
  • Onsite participants eligible for reimbursement should book and cover the costs of their own accommodation in advance. Participants may choose any hotel or accommodation alternative in the city as they wish. The expenses will be reimbursed after the meeting through a daily allowance basis.
  • Participants should keep receipts of their long-distance (>100Km) travel, as these will be required for reimbursement after the meeting. 
  • Accommodation, meals, short-distance travel, and other expenses are covered by estimation through daily allowance. 
  • Onsite attendants will be required to sign the attendance sheets that will be available in the venue every day, as an essential requirement to claim reimbursement. 
COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020