Working groups

ANDRONET is organized in the following working groups:

See the following link for an updated list of all Working Group participants:

  • Research coordination (WG1)


    • To establish a central list of resources and to coordinate the research data
    • To monitor and coordinate the exchange of samples between labs
    • To organize Short term scientific missions (STSM) for the exchange of early career investigators (ECI) between labs (short term projects) with complementary skills
    • To organize the research workshops
    • To promote the implementation of research collaborations teams and coordinate contacts with commercial enterprises.

    WG1 Leaders:

    Frank Tüttelmann (Leader) - Germany, Judit Castillo (Vice-Leader) - Spain, Kristian Almstrup (Co-leader) -Denmark, Katerina Komrskova (Co-leader) - Czech Republic, Ana Katusic Bojanac (Co-leader) - Croatia, Antoni Riera Escamilla (Co-leader) - Spain

  • Professional education (WG2)


    • To coordinate the efforts toward recognition of andrology as a subspecialty in the frame of a multidisciplinary joint committee of UEMS
    • To help developing new andrology training centres in Europe, with focus on ITCs
    • To organize andrology campus/schools to train clinicians in andrology
    • To prepare clinical guidelines for professionals

    WG2 Leaders:

    Leen Antonio (Leader) - Belgium, Csilla Krausz (Vice-Leader) - Italy, Lars Björndahl (Co-leader) -Sweden, Rosita Condorelli (Co-leader) - Italy, Josanne Vassallo (Co-leader) - Malta

  • Male health awareness (WG3)


    • Preparation of information leaflets and articles for patients and the lay public.
    • Setting-up internet-based portals with information on male health issues
    • Creating the annual European 'Male Health' week.
    • Creating the COST Action webpage
    • Disseminating scientific/d educational information to professionals, patients and the lay public.

    WG3 Leaders:

    Andrea Sansone (Leader) - Italy, Chris Barratt (Vice-Leader) - UK, Viktoria Rosta (Co-leader) - Hungary, Eduard Ruiz-Castañé (Co-leader)- Spain

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020