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Feb-Mar 28-3 2023

Workshops and Conferences

Co-Organization of a Training School on Basic Clinical Andrology and Therapies in male infertility

From 28 February to 3 March 2023

Budapest (Hungary)

In this training School up to 6 trainees and 1 trainer (ANDRONET COST Action participants) will be eligible for reimbursement after the event according to COST rules. The workshop is intended for capacity building in the area of Clinical Andrology.

See the following link for updated information on this school:


Notes about onsite participants eligible for reimbursement: 

  • Onsite participants eligible for reimbursement will receive an official invitation through their personal e-COST account.
  • Onsite participants eligible for reimbursement should book and cover the costs of their own accommodation in advance. Participants may choose any hotel or accommodation alternative in the city as they wish. The expenses will be reimbursed after the meeting through a daily allowance basis.
  • Participants should keep receipts of their long-distance (>100Km) travel, as these will be required for reimbursement after the meeting. 
  • Accommodation, meals, short-distance travel, and other expenses are covered by estimation through daily allowance. 
  • Onsite attendants will be required to sign the attendance sheets that will be available in the venue every day, as an essential requirement to claim reimbursement. 
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