This action aims to boost research collaboration, education and public awareness in andrology, the field of science that deals with male health, including the study of the increasing incidence of infertility and testicular cancer, the association of poor reproductive function with poor health, and male predisposition to serious diseases, leading to shorter life expectancy in men.

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Montreux, Switzerland


Co-Organization of the 22nd European Testis Workshop on June 18-22, 2023 in Montreux, Switzerland (including ANDRONET MC, CG and WGs meetings)

The ANDRONET Cost Action is a co-organizer of the 22nd European Testis Workshop (ETW2023;, and will reimburse the travel and participation costs of 57 ETW2023 participants (who are ANDRONET MC or WG members) according to COST travel reimbursement rules.

The Co-Organization of this European Testis Workshop (including ANDRONET MC, WG, CG meetings) aims to monitor Action progress, disseminate the ANDRONET research results and Working Group progress to the other scientists and professionals in the field, to stimulate research collaborations, to coordinate professional education and male health awareness efforts, and to plan for Grant period 3 activities.

Andronet members intending to participate in ETW2023 and willing to apply for reimbursement of expenses should indicate so at the time of their registration to the workshop. If the number of applications for reimbursement exceeds the 57 available slots, selection of the participants to be reimbursed will be based on a combination of the following criteria: active participation in the ETW2023 by presenting or co-authoring a miniposter, leadership involvement in the ANDRONET COST Action, geographical spread, gender balance, and COST and ANDRONET goals. In any case, the list of members eligible to apply for reimbursement will be communicated to applicants having expressed interest by April 30, 2023.

Please see the current section and the ETW2023 webpage for more information and periodical updates:

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Stockholm (Sweden)

2023-10-09 - 2023-10-13

Co-Organization of a Training School in Basic Semen analysis Workshop

In this training School different COST Action participants (WG members) will participate. The workshop is intended for capacity building in the area of Basic Semen analysis. Training Workshop based on practical laboratory hands-on wet-lab training sessions as well as lectures. The COST action will benefit from the previous experience in previous editions of the co-organizers.

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