Working groups

ANDRONET is organized in the following working groups:

See the following link for an updated list of all Working Group participants:

  • Research coordination (WG1)


    • To establish a central list of resources and to coordinate the research data
    • To monitor and coordinate the exchange of samples between labs
    • To organize Short term scientific missions (STSM) for the exchange of early career investigators (ECI) between labs (short term projects) with complementary skills
    • To organize the research workshops
    • To promote the implementation of research collaborations teams and coordinate contacts with commercial enterprises.

    WG1 Leaders:

    Frank Tüttelmann (Leader) - Germany, Judit Castillo (Vice-Leader) - Spain, Kristian Almstrup (Co-leader) -Denmark, Katerina Komrskova (Co-leader) - Czech Republic, Ana Katusic Bojanac (Co-leader) - Croatia, Antoni Riera Escamilla (Co-leader) - Spain

  • Professional education (WG2)


    • To coordinate the efforts toward recognition of andrology as a subspecialty in the frame of a multidisciplinary joint committee of UEMS
    • To help developing new andrology training centres in Europe, with focus on ITCs
    • To organize andrology campus/schools to train clinicians in andrology
    • To prepare clinical guidelines for professionals

    WG2 Leaders:

    Leen Antonio (Leader) - Belgium, Csilla Krausz (Vice-Leader) - Italy, Lars Björndahl (Co-leader) -Sweden, Rosita Condorelli (Co-leader) - Italy, Josanne Vassallo (Co-leader) - Malta

  • Male health awareness (WG3)


    • Preparation of information leaflets and articles for patients and the lay public.
    • Setting-up internet-based portals with information on male health issues
    • Creating the annual European 'Male Health' week.
    • Creating the COST Action webpage
    • Disseminating scientific/d educational information to professionals, patients and the lay public.

    WG3 Leaders:

    Andrea Sansone (Leader) - Italy, Chris Barratt (Vice-Leader) - UK, Viktoria Rosta (Co-leader) - Hungary, Eduard Ruiz-Castañé (Co-leader)- Spain

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.